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We’re committed to keeping our community moving 

Don't let COVID-19, pain, or injury slow you down. Even if you're self-isolating, our therapy and rehabilitation professionals can provide effective care and support to meet all of your muscle and joint care needs. We have chiropractors, chiropodists, and physiotherapists waiting to provide top-level care over your phone or computer. It is also a comfort to know that most major insurance providers are covering virtual care appointments.

Start with a virtual fitness assessment.

We’ll talk about the types of exercise you enjoy and identify your fitness goals.

Get a personalized program designed just for you. 

With COVID-19 quarantine limitations in mind, we’ll create an optimized training program that suits your environment. (Even your garage or home office will do!)

Booking bonus:

Book your virtual fitness assessment now to receive a complimentary fitness swag bag containing:

  • a lacrosse ball
  • a set of 5 mini-bands
  • a set of resistance tubing with variable resistances, attachments, handles and accessories