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Our Expertise

All of our Health Coaches are Certified Professional Health & Wellness Coaches from the Wellcoaches® School of Coaching. The Certification is endorsed by the American College of Sports Medicine and the American College of Lifestyle Medicine. Re-certification is required every 3 years to ensure our Coaches are at the forefront of the latest knowledge and tools in the field.

Our Health Coach program is grounded in the science of motivation and behaviour change. We take an integrated approach – working with your entire Medcan team – to ensure you fully realize your goals.

How Health Coaching Works

Health Coaching

In Depth Assessment

You’ll complete an online health assessment along with an initial assessment session with your Health Coach to understand your lifestyle and goals, identify obstacles and develop a personalized plan of action.

1-on-1 Support

Personalized coaching sessions by phone to keep you motivated and accountable towards achieving your goals.


Choose from a range of packages and schedule sessions at convenient times so that you have your coach when you need them most.

Always Connected

Stay on the right track with additional resources and support with our digital resources.

Whatever your goal – from eating healthier to managing a chronic condition – it all starts with changing your behaviours and mindset. Medcan Health Coaches are certified behaviour change experts who will equip you with personalized strategies to change ingrained behaviours and thought patterns for lasting change.

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Health Coaching